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Complete transparency

StrategyWorks creates complete transparency from your strategic objectives across your entire portfolio. Leaders can easily view what is working and what needs attention at the touch of a button

Strategic focus and control

StrategyWorks gives you complete top-down control of your outcomes, enabling you to easily move, change or update your plans in real time to focus on what is really important. 

Accountability & ownership

Track accountability and ownership throughout delivery, with secure role-based permissions and dashboards.

Create strategic agility

Easily model and collaborate on new ways of executing your strategic plans creating agility as your markets change.

Total strategic alignment

Align your objectives to your execution plans for faster, more focused delivery and improved outcomes. Track and identify non-strategic and wasted spend quickly and easily

Achieve your objectives faster

StrategyWorks creates to complete strategic focus on your objectives and goals so that you can deliver your outcomes faster and more efficiently, improving top line growth and efficiency.

Personalised dashboards

Get live, up to date information to help you execute more effectively through a simple, clean dashboard. 


Rich dynamic reporting

Rich dynamic, powerful reporting giving complete insight about the progress of all areas of execution and outcomes in real time. Dynamic reports can be saved to PDF or delivered directly to your inbox. 

Live notifications and collaboration

Keep everyone involved in executing the strategy fully aligned through live comments and intelligent notifications on all aspects of delivery. 

StrategyWorks Comments & Notifications

"We were able to plan our portfolio of programmes and projects ensuring they were aligned with our objectives and vision, allowing us to deprioritise programmes with low value and focus our attention on those that were critical to achieving our key outcomes. When it came to executing the plan, the leadership team had complete visibility over the whole portfolio and could see where and why projects were stalling or tracking behind their timelines. At the same time, our project teams had a clearer understanding of their responsibilities and accountabilities as well as an appreciation of the company vision and the part they played in supporting it. We now have a fully aligned and joined up activity plan, will enable us to take advantage of global opportunities over the next 12 months leading to a conservative budgeted revenue increase of around 15% ."

Derek Holder - CEO


Risks, issues and decisions management

Track and manage risks and issues at all levels of your strategic plan. Track and assign ownership and management of risks and issues to key staff members across your team

Modern responsive design

StrategyWorks is a clean, modern, responsive app which works on any modern browser and on any operating system. 


More features

  • Link groups of organisations or lines or business to synchronise strategy across complex organisations
  • Integration to external systems for seamless, real time synchronisation of data
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Fine grained permissions to ensure the right control of the strategic plan

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